G2C Services

17Dec 2017

• e-Education services: The literacy rate in Telangana is 67% which is much below the national average of 74.04% with rural areas further lagging behind. This is primarily because lack of easy access, teacher, infrastructure and common curricula as well as poverty and gender differentiation. These problems can be addressed through e-Education initiatives.

• e-Health services: Telemedicine can bridge the distance and can make specialty care more accessible to rural and urban Populations. It can be a valuable tool in providing post discharge care to the patients who cannot ambulate and for the patients who stay abroad. It can be an excellent platform for isolated or rural health practitioners for continuing education or training and improving their skills. It can help avoid most of the costs borne by the patients in travel, diagnosis, delay in treatment and other emergency conditions.

• e-Agriculture services: The latest development in the field of agriculture is e-Agriculture which can play a vital role in uplifting the agricultural community by providing technology and information enablers that enhance farm productivity and lead to increased income levels of farmers. ICT mechanisms can serve as a cost-effective mechanism for providing information at the click of a button for farmers.

• e-Banking services: In recent years, the rural Population of India has also seen an increase in banking penetration but there still remains a need for further improvement. The banks face operational challenges in rural setup such as issues of cash management, security aspects, low volumes of transactions etc. which makes viability of rural banking a difficult undertaking.