"T-Fiber is envisioned to establish a state of the art network infrastructure to facilitate the realization of ‘Digital Telangana’"

Vision & Objective

Government of Telangana has envisioned to establish a state-of-the-art network infrastructure to serve as backbone for Digital Telangana. The State aims to usher in digital democracy through affordable & reliable high-speed broadband connectivity to every household, government and private institution in Telangana. Telangana Fiber Grid project will provide infrastructure for affordable and high speed broadband connectivity and Digital services to 10 Zones (33 Districts), 589 Mandals, 12751 Gram Panchayats (~24,000 Habitations), 83.58 Lakh households and more than 2 Crore people. T-Fiber is based on the idea of providing access of infrastructure to different players on a non-discriminatory and non-monopolistic basis where the government will not become a service provider to deliver internet services to households and enterprises while different players shall be allowed to provide internet services to households and private enterprises. The network shall be capable of delivering 4-100 Mbps to household and on-demand 20-100 Mbps to institutions and enterprises. It is planned to have a 100G MPLS ring connecting Zones, a 40G MPLS ring is planned at Mandal (Block) level and 10G MPLS ring at GP level. Every household shall be further connected to the network over GPON that would involve extending of Optical Fiber Cable up to every household and installation of CPE for each house for delivery of G2G, G2C & telecom services. Telangana Fiber Grid project will also utilize synergy with the prestigious Mission Bhagiratha by laying the OFC along Mission Bhagiratha routes wherever possible to avoid digging & trenching costs.