G2G Services

17Dec 2017

T-Fiber will provide various services to the government departments. The following are some of the services that will be provided by T-Fiber.
• High speed intranet : T-fiber will provide high speed data to connect departments internally
• High speed internet: T-fiber will provide high speed connectivity to world wide web
• Mail & messaging services: T-fiber will ensure that there is no requirement for a separate mail server
• Data centre services: Availability of cloud storage and development kits for creating and hosting applications
• Security & encryption: T-fiber will prevent from cyber attacks, ransom ware, spyware etc.
• Smart content services: T-Fiber will provide High definition content streaming services
• DNS services: T-fiber will ensure quick conversion from domain name to IP address

Following are some of the departments that are to be served by T-fiber:
• Police, Fire & Safety, Disaster management
• Healthcare, Education, Banking
• Energy, Irrigation, Agriculture
• Revenue, Land acquisition
• Transportation, Traffic control
• Environment