"T-Fiber is envisioned to establish a state of the art network infrastructure to facilitate the realization of ‘Digital Telangana’"

Synergy with Mission Bhagiratha

Mission Bhagiratha, the prestigious project being undertaken by the Rural Water Supply & Sanitation (RWS&S) department, Govt. of Telangana aims at providing clean drinking water to every household in the state of Telangana. For this purpose, Mission Bhagiratha is undertaking trenching and digging activity across the state for laying water pipelines. T-Fiber is utilizing this opportunity to minimize its project cost by carrying out the underground duct and fiber laying along with the laying of water grid in Telangana. In other words, T-Fiber will piggy back on the Mission Bhagiratha Project, which provides safe drinking water to every household through water pipelines, thereby achieving Right of Way (ROW) and saving on digging & trenching cost for laying of optical fiber cable across the whole state. The network will be deployed along water supply routes which have been already mapped for the entire state. By leveraging the trenches for RWS&S the state intends to combine the utilization of same trench for two utilities, i.e. Drinking Water & High Speed Broadband up to every household in rural Telangana, thereby saving on duplication of work and saving on enormous additional trenching cost. In addition to this, RWS&S has already obtained all the necessary permissions including ROW for laying of water pipe lines across the State of Telangana. Therefore, no additional permissions or cost for acquiring ROW would be incurred for laying of OFC.